Purchased for my husband. We went by the size chart and the size was good. Quality is great. It's an adjustment to get used to. So far it seems to work really well and it's only been one week! 

Laura K.

Really, really fantastic product! Good quality and great price compared to the many others which are the same style.

Vicky S.

Bought this product when I started getting back pain from slouching at my desk all day. Within days I've noticed a big difference and it's a lot more comfortable than I expected!

Andrew P.

I got this for my wife who is trying to correct her posture. Whenever she’s home she throws it on and it has been helping her out a ton. Her muscle memory even keeps her posture when she doesn’t have it on during the day. This thing definitely helps!

Chris L.

Amazing product! It really works! After 2 days, as you can see the pics, I felt the difference! I loved the product!

Taylor O.

Just got mine in today and I love it! Will definitely be wearing this to work everyday

Shannon C.

my posture after having children was horrible. i am so happy with this product. its been two weeks and i totally notice a difference. it also helps when holding my youngest on my hip. great product excellent price.

Randi S.
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